Calibrating the Odometry


This section assumes that you have already completed Building the Car, System Configuration, Installing Firmware, and Driving the Car.

One final step.

Required Equipment:
  • Fully built F1TENTH vehicle

  • Pit/Host computer

  • Logitech F710 joypad

  • Tape measure

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Approximate Time Investment: 1 hour

Now that everything is built, configured, and installed, the odometry of the vehicle needs to be calibrated. The VESC receives input velocities in m/s and steering angles in radians. However the motor and servo requires commands in revolution per minute (RPM) and servo positions. The conversion parameters will need to be tuned to your specific car.

  1. The parameters in vesc.yaml need to be calibrated.

  2. Follow this great Tuning Guide that Mushr put together.


If you have any build and/or setup questions, post to the forum.