Driving the F1TENTH Car


This section assumes that you have already completed Building the Car, System Configuration, and Installing Firmware.

Vehicle built? ✓ System configured? ✓ Firmware installed? ✓
Time to finally learn how to drive!!
Required Equipment:
  • Fully built F1TENTH vehicle

  • Pit/Host computer

  • Logitech F710 joypad

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Approximate Time Investment: 2 hours

First, we need to set up the workspace on the car and then we’ll learn how to control the car with a joystick.

  1. Manual Control goes over how to start driving the car with a joystick once the workspace has been setup.

  2. Odometry Calibration goes over how to calibrate the odometry of the vehicle

  3. Autonomous Control goes over how to drive autonomously with the car.


If you have any build and/or setup questions, post to the forum.